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City of San Diego

  • The release of the locations of the DecoBike bike-share stations has disappointed residents of City Heights.
  • A survey finds that San Diego ranks high among cities where young people would like to relocate, but with lack of public transportation, bike infrastructure, and walkable neighborhoods, how long will they stay?
  • During his visit to San Diego, author Ben Ross was interviewed by the Voice of San Diego about NIMBY’s, transit development, and activism.
  • City Councilmembers spoke about the upcoming referendum on Barrio Logan’s Community Plan, while others looked at the pros and cons of the plan, and the implications for community planning in San Diego.
  • Bay Park and Clairemont residents “stayed classy” at a community meeting, shouting at a 23 year-old that she should “live somewhere else” and “come back when [she has] a mortgage” because she voiced support for raising height restrictions around new trolley stations.
  • In 2013 the city fixed more potholes in Bay Park and Clairemont than in any other neighborhoods, however now a thief is using the pothole-free streets to steal residents’ mail.
  • The discovery of the endangered fairy shrimp living along the path of the trolley extension from Old Town to the UTC could possible delay the project.
  • The Union Tribune looks at the “romantic idea” of providing rail transportation to and from the San Diego airport.
  • San Diego has decided to pay $355,000 to the Save Our Heritage Organization in order to reimburse them for their attorney fees in the court case to stop the Cabrillo Bridge project.

San Diego Region

  • San Diego County’s Bike to Work Day is coming up, May 16th.
  • Temecula has added sharrows to Front Street in the city’s Old Town area.
  • Caltrans is planning to construct a roundabout instead of a traffic signal on the Birmingham Drive/I-5 interchange in Encinitas.


  • Police in San Francisco are concerned that motorists are confused by new bike lanes and don’t understand that they must “merge into the bike lanes” in order to make right turns.
  • In San Francisco where bike theft has increased 70% in the last 5 years, social media and police officers help people get their bikes back.
  • A temporary protected bike lane was built for bike to work day in Oakland on Telegraph Avenue.
  • A look at San Francisco’s non-profit bike rental and repair shop, the Bike Hut.
  • In hopes of another safe year on the road, cyclists attended the blessing of the bikes in New York and Los Angeles.
  • A community meeting to discuss bike lanes on North Figueroa in Los Angeles had to be moved from the cafeteria to the auditorium to accommodate all the attendees.
  • Police have busted a cross-border bike theft ring in Tempe Arizona.
  • Protected bike lanes have opened on Broadway in Seattle.
  • Business owners in the Westlake neighborhood of Seattle are wringing their hands about a proposed cycle track.
  • Both cyclists and motorists in Minneapolis support the construction of protected bike lanes.
  • Topeka is considering passing an ordinance that would require bike parking to be included when new parking lots are constructed.
  • Jersey City is trying to decide which side of the street a bike lane should be on.
  • The Mayor of Memphis discusses why bike infrastructure makes sense for his city.
  • Construction has begun on the a steel 288 feet long bikeway bridge in Miami County.
  • A call for cycle tracks and better bike infrastructure in Orlando.
  • In the last decade commuting to work by bike has grown by 60% in the United States as reported by the US Census Bureau.
  • National Geographic published a brief look at Amsterdam and its cycling infrastructure, history, and influence.
  • Introducing the Armadillo, a device that can create a protected bike lane in seconds.