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City of San Diego

  • Civic San Diego has launched the Downtown Complete Streets Mobility Plan website that will “increase priority and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians”.
  • The design and environmental impact work is done for a bike path connecting Mission Valley and Mid-City, only the money for construction is missing.
  • A look at the whether proposed infrastructure funding is distributed fairly throughout San Diego neighborhoods.
  • The Awarewolfs group bicycle ride was profiled in the City Times.
  • 200 bike racks are locked in storage in San Diego while the city finalizes the location of the future DecoBike stations.
  • The controversy over raising building height restrictions in Clairemont and Bay Park illustrates some “uncomfortable truths” of urban planning in San Diego.
  • The “most-liked” comment on Voice of San Diego in the past year was from Jacob McKean supporting better bike infrastructure on University Avenue in Hillcrest.
  • The San Ysidro pedestrian border crossing was the subject of criticism at a recent public meeting.
  • With closure of the Cabrillo Bridge and the creation of the Plaza de Panama pedestrian zone, attendance at Balboa Park museums and the Old Globe Theater has actually increased (though a Las Vegas resident seems very concerned about parking).
  • The search for hit-and-run drivers continues in Hillcrest and Rancho Bernardo.

San Diego Region


  • With the installation of the Polk Street protected bike lane, citizens of San Francisco can now see and experience the benefits of better bike infrastructure.
  • 1 in 5 bicycle crashes in Chicago are the result of a cyclist being doored.
  • New York has set up an interactive map allowing motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians to log 10 “incident types” to report dangerous conditions to the city.
  • A bicycle safety instructor was hit by a motorist on Bike to Work Day in Ogden, Utah.
  • Plans are underway in Salt Lake City for construction of a cycle park and velodrome.
  • Restoring urban rivers to create public spaces and improve quality of life is becoming a priority in cities across the United States.
  • In New England and Colorado the AAA is now offering roadside assistance to cyclists.
  • Members of the Nebraska football and track teams were arrested while taking part in a bike theft spree.
  • Boise has instituted a pilot program testing semi-protected bike lanes in the downtown area.
  • Take a video ride along the streets and bike lanes of Manhattan where the “new idea” of protected bike lanes is slowly catching on.
  • In Toronto bike lane projects have sailed through committee without the previous controversy that used to surround them now that the city council has reached a “consensus on building what’s right,” though there may still be some room for improvement.
  • Work continues on Cycle Network Route 78 in Scotland.
  • An analysis of the effectiveness of armadillos, plastic bollards, and concrete bollards in protecting bike lanes in Salford.
  • Interested in seeing some of the best street sweepers for bike lanes? Click here.
  • A look at the costs and benefits of 14 different styles of protective barriers for bike lanes.
  • The effect of protected bike lanes also extends to their visual impact and ability to make people aware of the possible transportation alternatives.