City moving forward with protected bike lanes along Park Boulevard in Balboa Park

In early September, after months of extensive outreach, the City announced plans for protected bike lanes and separated bus lanes throughout most of Park Boulevard within Balboa Park. This is a massive win for active transportation within the City’s Crown Jewel; thank you so much to everyone who called into the planning meetings to voice your support for bikes and buses within the park! The new bike lanes will connect to the lanes along Park Boulevard north of Balboa Park and to the protected lanes south of the park, and the 7 and 215 bus lines will have a dedicated bus lane; the city chose to preserve parking in front of cultural institutions that needed the parking, in lieu of completely dedicated bus lanes. The repaving and restriping should be complete in early 2023; the City’s plans originally stated that they would be complete by December 2022.

To see the City’s complete work orders for Park Boulevard, click here. To read KPBS reporter Andrew Bowen’s excellent reporting on Park Boulevard, click here.

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Rendering of a multi-lane road throughout Balboa Park, which includes bike lanes, bollards, bus lanes, parking, travel lanes for single-occupancy vehicles, and trees.
A rendering of the changes coming to Park Boulevard, presented by the City at the July 21, 2022 Balboa Park Committee meeting, including approximately 67 preserved spaces for cultural institutions on Park Boulevard.