Statement by BikeSD on City of San Diego’s Adopted Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Budget

As we enter the new fiscal year here in San Diego, we would like to thank all of the advocates that continue to demand safer streets, cleaner air, and a more livable San Diego. 

As Barack Obama said, “A budget is more than just a series of numbers on a page; it is an embodiment of our values.” 

The City’s adopted FY2024 budget of over $5 billion, unfortunately, shows that our elected officials do not truly value saving lives, combating the climate crisis, or pioneering transformative change. To illustrate this point, consider that the police department will receive $617.1 million, 30% more than the combined amount allocated to Parks ($207 million), Climate Action ($141.6 million), Homelessness ($81.7 million), and Vision Zero ($6.1 million). 

The City did not listen to our demands. 

Amidst this disheartening outcome, it is crucial to recognize the wins that deserve celebration. Out of our ambitious list of demands, the following initiatives will indeed receive funding in FY2024:

  1. $33 million towards Strategy 3 of the Climate Action Plan, which is looking to improve bicycling, walking, and transit as viable transportation options
  2. $2.25 million for the Interstate 5 Underpass bikeway connector (Linking two existing bike paths, the SR-56 and the Sorrento Valley Road multi-use bike path)
  3. $1.5 million to fix the City’s most dangerous intersections
  4. $1.2 million to implement a traffic calming truck route in Barrio Logan
  5. $1.2 million to start work on the Normal Street Promenade
  6. $1.1 million to the Safe & Sustainable Transportation All Ages & Abilities Team (STAAT)
  7. $50,000 has been granted for the installation of bike racks citywide
  8. The implementation of the Downtown Mobility Plan will persist, progressing through Phase 3A1 by the conclusion of 2023

This list falls short of what is required to achieve our Vision Zero goal of eradicating traffic-related fatalities by 2025, as well as our Climate Action Plan objective of increasing bicycle mode share to 7%. It does, however, represent a modest beginning. We will continue to exert pressure upon decision makers at the City and County levels, ensuring that safeguarding lives and building a resilient community receive the attention they deserve.

There is a lot of work to be done; stay tuned to get involved with the FY2025 budget and all the other campaigns we are working on to make San Diego a more bikeable and livable city.

Anar Salayev

Executive Director

Bike San Diego