New Buffered Bike Lanes on Fourth and Fifth Avenue

The City of San Diego completed its first road diet on Tuesday. The new buffered bike lanes run from Elm Street to Laurel along Fourth and Fifth Avenue in Bankers Hill.

People were riding on them even before the paint was dry on the road.

The buffered bike lanes were implemented in preparation of the upcoming bike share program. This project was originally scheduled to be completed earlier this year in January, the city’s Transportation staff tried to coordinate with SANDAG in how the project would be implemented to better prepare for the Uptown Early Action Project’s eventual implementation and hit some snags. Thankfully, those snags didn’t delay the implementation for too long.

Much thanks to the city’s Department of Transportation and Deputy Director Linda Marabian and Councilmember Todd Gloria and his team. Don’t be shy about sending your thanks to them.

Update: Bankers Hill Residents Group gives a thumbs up to the new bike lanes. The ladies behind Hillquest, meanwhile, remain doubtful by all the enthusiasm and positive focus.