Celebrate Bike Month with Dinner and Bikes on May 14th

May is supposed to be “bike month”, but when we are done fulfilling our mission, every month will be bike month.


Elly Blue is well on her way to gathering forces to win the revolution and she will be here next Wednesday to brief you on the issue.

Together with Joe Biel, the maker of the documentary feature  Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland  and the travelling vegan chef Joshua Ploeg, the trio will be at La Bodega Studio and Gallery next Wednesday. So be prepared to show up with a hungry belly and an open mind ready to learn, and meet new friends. Here are a few photos from the last Dinner and Bikes event.

Date: May 14th, 2014
What: An evening to celebrate dinner and bikes with Elly Blue, Joe Biel and Chef Joshua Ploeg
When: 5:30 pm: Pre-dinner ride from La Bodega Studio and Gallery (2196 Logan Avenue, San Diego CA 92113)
7 pm Dinner and Presentation at La Bodega Studio and Gallery
Joshua Ploeg will delight with an extensive buffet!
Elly Blue and Joe Biel will present short videos and a slideshow about bicycle culture, activism, and the economy. There will be time for questions, discussion of local issues, and perusing the traveling bookstore.
Admission cost: $15 for BikeSD members and $25 for non-BikeSD members

Dinner and Bikes 2014 at La Bodega Studio and Gallery: 2196 Logan Avenue, San Diego, CA.
May 14, 2014: Dinner and Bikes 2014 at La Bodega Studio and Gallery: 2196 Logan Avenue, San Diego, CA.

Tickets for the event include a leisurely bike ride through Logan Heights and Barrio Logan, Tickets are limited all proceeds are going toward reimbursing our visitor’s expenses and benefiting  BikeSD. Tickets are $15 for BikeSD members and $25 for non-BikeSD members.

Here’s what happens at a Dinner and Bikes event:

As the audience arrives, they serve themselves from chef Joshua Ploeg’s gourmet vegan and gluten-free buffet spread. While eating, Joe Biel plays a series of his short films about bicycle activism and culture—his newest shorts focus on the family bicycling movement. Then local advocates and sponsors have a chance to get up and talk about their work promoting cycling. Elly Blue takes the stage and gives a presentation about Bikenomics, showing the audience how to make a compelling economic case for bicycling, equity, and transportation activism. At the end there is a chance for questions, discussion, and browsing the Microcosm pop-up book and t-shirt store.

Click here to buy your tickets (very limited number, so save the twiddling of your thumbs for another event)

The crew

Joshua Ploeg is the the traveling vegan chef. When not touring the world, he is a personal chef and delighter of secret cafe goers in Los Angeles. This tour celebrates the release of his newest title, This Ain’t No Picnic: Your Punk Rock Vegan Cookbook. He lives in California.

Joe Biel is the maker of the documentary feature Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland. He is also the author of several books, including Beyond the Music. He founded Microcosm Publishing in his bedroom closet 17 years ago and now publishes nonfiction books, zines, and movies. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Elly Blue will be talking on tour about her new book, Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy. She is also the author of Everyday Bicycling: How to Ride a Bicycle for Transportation (Whatever your Lifestyle). When she isn’t writing, she publishesbooks and zines about all aspects of bicycle transportation. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Aaron Cynic is an independent journalist and activist from Chicago. He writes regularly for Chicagoist and the Diatribe Media collective. His work has also appeared on Shareable, Truthout, Z Magazine and in numerous other publications and zines. When he isn’t documenting Dinner and Bikes through blogging, audio, video, and photos, he’ll be driving the van, managing our traveling bookstore, and smiling a lot.

Ruby is a Public Access Certified medical alert dog. Her job on tour is to be Joe’s personal assistant. Her hobbies including eating and snacking. When off duty, her favorite food is peanut butter and her favorite activity is napping.