News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • Groundwork San Diego has received a $541,000 grant for the design and environmental impact review of a bike path along Chollas Creek that would connect Southeastern San Diego neighborhoods to the Bayshore Bikeway.
  • Mayor Faulconer presented San Diego’s new pothole filling strategy.
  • A look at whether Mayor Faulconer’s budget and funding strategies live up to the title of the “Infrastructure Mayor.”
  • KPBS interviewed Mayor Faulconer about the contested $120 million bond and using Community Development Block Grants for San Diego’s infrastructure.
  • In response to local resident’s demands, San Diego has decided not to seek building height limit increases along the planned trolley extension route.
  • A report from the recent EcoDistrict/Livability Workshop held in Pacific Beach.
  • San Diego reimburses about 3 of 4 motorists for damage to their cars caused by potholes.
  • San Diego’s bike sharing program with DecoBike has been delayed until June.
  • Take a virtual spin around the bike paths of Mission Bay.
  • Though San Diego is one of five cities that showed an increase in year-round particulate pollution, the air quality is getting better.
  • CalEnviroScreen’s map of pollution in California puts the referendum on Barrio Logan’s community plan in perspective.

San Diego Region

  • Questions arise about the reasoning behind SANDAG’s continual prioritization of widening freeways and building bus rapid transit projects.


  • California is considering passing legislation to allow buses to use bike racks that carry three bikes instead of two.
  • The ribbon has been cut on the contra-flow protected bike lane on Polk Street in San Francisco.
  • An analysis of the different approaches politicians have taken when confronted with opposition to bike friendly projects in New York and San Francisco.
  • The cycle track network in downtown Calgary was recently approved, with some modifications, by the City Council.
  • Montana is starting to realize that bike tourism means business for local economies.
  • A look at the state of cycling in Britain and whether cycling has become part of normal city life.
  • An interview with a cycling advocate in Vermont about the cycling opportunities available in that state this springtime.
  • US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx voiced his support for better bike infrastructure in the United States.
  • Recent Green Lanes Project winner Indianapolis will be installing more protected bike lanes in the near future.
  • After a cyclist was killed by a school bus driver in Indianapolis, cyclists call for stiffer penalties for drivers who kill cyclists.
  • Motorists in Washington DC are finding that new “protected” bike lanes are a convenient place to park.
  • Video footage and photos of Tuscon’s first protected bike lane.
  • A protected bike lane project on Central Parkway in Cincinnati was passed by the City Council, including last minute deals to appease business owners.
  • Traffic data from Toronto shows that bike lanes make streets safer for pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists.
  • In Australia separated bike lanes are shown to reduce injuries and double the number of cyclists using them, meanwhile the government is considering requiring a license to ride a bike.