Cementing the Relationship Between Excellent Beer and Bikes: Help Modern Times Beer Help Us

Watching Jacob McKean build excitement and a truly kickass team around his soon to be awesome brewing company has been very reminiscent of my own efforts in getting BikeSD off the ground and converted into a proper bike advocacy organization. It’s been extremely exciting to witness his efforts and even more exciting to learn that he is 100% behind our own efforts  to transform San Diego. A business owner with a big vision and big ideas who also intuitively grasps what bikes mean to the urban fabric of our city? How could I not be excited about his vision?

Jacob and I met for lunch (and a beer) at Toronado last week and talked about advocacy and our goals and visions for transforming our beautiful city to be more livable which happened to align quite well with his own vision for San Diego. At the end of the meeting, he made an offer: he would ask some of his generous vendors to donate funds to our efforts if he reaches $52,375 in Kickstarter pledges. Below is his video pitch on what he intends to do with the money:

If he reaches $52,375 in pledges, he has offered to donate $2,200 to help us with our own efforts. Not only do we love good quality beer, but we are ardent supporters of locally run businesses and businesses that dream big.

Howard Blackson, local placeshaker, often talks about San Diego’s culture which encompasses the perfect union that is bikes, beer and breakfast – something that is part of San Diego’s unique identity. I’m starting to see the brilliance of that image. McKean is helping me and BikeSD with our efforts and I’d like you to help in supporting McKean’s and Modern Times’ visions for transforming San Diego through excellent quality beer to be served in more inviting setting.

This was written by Sam Ollinger