News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • A bicyclist was hit by a car on Convoy Street in Kearney Mesa while “riding her bike outside of a crosswalk.”
  • Interested in bike polo in San Diego? click here.
  • After a pedestrian was killed on El Cajon Boulevard one writer considers whether the death was due to carelessness or design.
  • $2.5 million is headed Mission Bay Park’s way, among other things the money will be spent to complete bicycle and pedestrian paths.
  • Mayor Filner will ride with the South Park Bike Train Ride, the first of a series of rides leading up to CicloSDias.
  • UCSD students call for a bike-friendly campus.
  • Mayor Filner’s budget includes some additional funding for bicycling programs.

San Diego Region

  • The trail to Cedar Creek Falls is once again open to hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians.
  • A child riding a bicycle was hit by an SUV in front of a McDonald’s in Oceanside.
  • Carlsbad is looking into building an underpass for pedestrians and bicyclists beneath the coastal railroad tracks.
  • Ramona is redesigning San Vicente Road and will separate bikes from equestrians and pedestrians, but won’t separate bikes from automobiles.


  • Plans are in the works to install a bike barometer on Market Street in San Francisco.
  • Lowering speed limits may not be on the radar of many people, but here are some reasons why it should be.
  • Public outreach programs are going on in Chicago in order to increase public awareness and political will for safe bike infrastructure.
  • Some examples of the progress Seattle has made creating safe separated bicycle facilities.  Though apparently the progress isn’t fast enough for some, who have taken matters into their own hands.
  • A motorist is sentenced to 4 years in prison and 1 year in jail after pleading guilty to killing a cyclist in Orange County.
  • The top 10 cities if you want to commute to work by bike and the top 10 cities with the greenest commute.
  • CicLAvia (in Los Angeles) is happening this Sunday April 21st.
  • Stanford University encourages students and staff to commute by mass transit and bike, here are some of their experiences.
  • In Scotland an advocacy group is trying to change the law governing vehicular accidents to favor cyclists.
  • Governor Jerry Brown does not think CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) will be changed this year.  Whether this is good or bad for cyclists is not an easy question.
  • Secretary Ray LaHood calls for zero tolerance of motorists who don’t respect cyclists.
  • New York City DOT released some metrics showing the results of their efforts to make the city’s streets better for transit, bikes, and pedestrians.