Help the City of San Diego Install Bike Racks Where You Need Them

The style of rack to be purchased and installed by the City.
The style of rack to be purchased and installed by the City of San Diego. Color: Lime Green

Three years ago we asked your help in helping add all the bike parking facilities around the city and you helped out a great deal. The map is still open for collaboration if you want to add all the latest bike racks and corrals that have popped up around the city.

Now the city is about to purchase even more racks and place them in locations where you need them. If you are a business owner or a patron of a business that needs to be nudged a little to become more bike friendly, send in the details of where you’d like to see these bike parking facilities installed. The responses will be sent to and shared with the City’s Bike Coordinator, Tom Landre.

Update from Landre: Tom wants you all to know that the City is planning on purchasing 100 of the bicycle shaped racks which have been used in bike corrals in Hillcrest and North Park as they are very popular. The racks will be lime green in color.