Ruffin Road bike lane striping delayed, again

To get an update on what is turning out to be an epic saga, I emailed Gaetano Martedi from the Public Works Engineering Department to get a status on the Ruffin Road bike lanes. I also included District 6 Councilmember, Lori Zapf, and our bike coordinator, Tom Landre, in the discussion. I received a response from Mr. Martedi stating that the bike lane striping would be delayed yet again,

The reason for the extension of time is as follows:

The engineering design standards were recently updated and changed. Therefore, the City needed to find additional funds to implement the new standards and complete the project. Currently, the additional funds have been attained and the project can now be completed. Our new schedule is to stripe bike lanes and complete the work in February, 2012.

This is a stretch of road that should have been striped last August, but was then delayed to January 2012. It will truly be a miracle of the year if and when this stretch of Ruffin Road gets a bike lane in 2012.