Bicyclist seriously injured in collision on Sorrento Valley Boulevard/Calle Cristobal

Channel 10 news is reporting a serious injury of a 45 year old cyclist who was hit from behind on the 6000 block of Sorrento Valley Boulevard. A BikeSD reader happened to be riding that exact stretch and reported it in:


Photo by reader. Click for bigger version.
Photo by reader. Click for bigger version.

The Union Tribune is also covering this story but isn’t reporting any additional details.

The BikeSD reader who wrote in stated the following,

I caught this on my ride home. [There were] about 20 cop cars blocking eastbound Calle Cristobal/Sorrento Valley Rd in Mira Mesa. It appears that a car “lost control” and smashed the rear of the bike/cyclist, then crashed into the tree/wall.
The rear of the bike was trashed.
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