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  • Ditched your auto insurance and are you now looking for equivalent coverage for your bicycling needs? Spoke Insurance offers  complete coverage to assuage that uneasy feeling.
  • Portland is going to become less auto-centric in the future.
  • Bike sharing can be a solution in solving the last mile problem.
  • Latin America is becoming more bike friendly and has already surpassed San Diego’s mediocre goals. For example, Buenos Aires has built “48 miles of bike lanes, from virtually zero in 2009” and they’re doing it right, “unlike bike lanes in European cities like London, which are merely painted on the road, the lanes in places like Buenos Aires and Mexico City employ concrete barriers along many stretches to protect cyclists.”
  • Even highway builders see that the future is multi-modal.
  • Caltrans staff and the rest of the region’s traffic engineers may want to understand the Projections Fallacy.