Two Bicycles Stolen

Ed. note: I think the saddest part of a growing bicycle culture is the increase in bicycle theft. Local bike advocates and bicycle commuters, Andrea and Aaron Garland had their bikes stolen while they were locked in front of Aqua Adventures Kayak Center last Friday night. Any word on the missing bikes will be much appreciated. Aaron was kind to do a writeup of the tragedy.

In the meantime, here is a writeup on how to lock one’s bike securely and a video visually depicting safe locking techniques.


My wife and my bikes were both stolen from where they were locked in front of Aqua Adventures Kayak Center last night in Quivera Basin. This is our primary transportation, other than walking and riding the bus. They are special to us and I can only hope that we get them back.  We are offering a $200 reward for tips that lead to the recovery of the bicycles.  Please keep your eyes open on craigslist and around town.

My wife’s bike is a white ladies Soma, buena vista mixte, without decals, a Soma sun emblem on the head tube, nitto drop bars, teal Velo Orange fenders, a brown brooks leather saddle, front and rear nitto racks, Velocity rims, Ruffy Tuffies tires, Tektro brakes, Shimano Dyno Hub, Busch Muller lights, a handmade copper bike bell with an owl etching, and a Virginia vanity plate that says “Andrea.”

My bike is a utility blue “Surly, Long Haul Trucker” with-out decals  nitto mustache bars, black planet bike fenders, black sprung Brooks saddle, Shimano Dyno Hub, Continental Contact Tires, Tekro brakes, Rear black Tubus Rack, Crane Bell, and a Virginia vanity plate that says “Aaron.”