The dangers of riding on Jamacha Boulevard

San Diego bicyclist William Karstens having gotten fed up with San Diego County stalling in making any progress in removing the k-rails on Jamacha Blvd took his grievances to the media. The k-rails that were placed on Jamacha Boulevard were placed by developer Pointe International. Pointe International purchased a large tract of land that was originally owned by Fred Hansen’s estate with the intention of continuing Hansen’s vision of creating a resort community. Much of the land surrounding the Streetwater Reservoir was originally purchased by Pointe in 1982.

Meanwhile as the various county officials, developers and contractors debate on various issues relating to the resort community, bicyclists riding along Jamacha Boulevard have to ride in dangerous 50 mph conditions. In the video below, Karstens shows the NBC reporter exactly how dangerous the conditions are for riding.

While the various concerns raised by the county and developers may well be legitimate issues, we here at Bike San Diego wonder why a temporary slower speed limit is not being implemented as a much more safer and cost effective solution. Would the $300,000 still be an issue if the k-rails were blocking access to automobiles?