San Diego’s Third Bike Corral – at The Linkery

San Diego’s Third Bike Corral at The Linkery Restaurant

San Diego’s third bike corral is currently in the process of being installed in front of The Linkery. I love the design of the corral and the placement of the corral. What are your thoughts?

For more about The Linkery and its proprietor, Jay Porter, read this interview conducted back in 2009.

To send your notes of gratitude to Councilmember Gloria who is certainly turning out to be one of the most bike friendly Councilmembers in the City, you may reach him at all your social media outlets or via email. I’m happy to spread the love to rest of the Councilmembers, but Councilmember Gloria is being the trailblazer so everyone else has a bit of a climb to catch up.

Update: Tiffany Broomfield, CEO of the San Diego Business Improvement District Council, wrote in to state

County Supervisor Ron Roberts was also a big part of this installation.  The North Park Main Street received a grant from his office to purchase the racks that look like  bikes, it was a significant investment and should be recognized.

The three installations have been a shared project with the Business Improvement Districts/Community Parking Districts and the City and now, in North Park the County.

I’ve sent in my note of thanks to Supervisor Roberts and I hope you consider doing the same.

Here is a photo taken a few days after the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Bike Corral at The Linkery