News, Links, and Other Views

Below is a list of stories sent in from around the city, region and elsewhere. Hope you enjoy them. Don’t be shy about sending in your stories to:

City of San Diego

  • The San Diego Community Newspaper Group did an interview with our former board member and community advocate, Nicole Burgess.
  • The advantage (for law enforcement) of people riding bikes and committing crimes is that they are easier to catch
  • Community Group Aims To Make Over San Diego’s Lincoln Park Intersection
  • Woman had meth in system when she hit cyclists and permanently injured Juan Carlos Vinolo, prosecutor says
  • No word on whether the pipeline replacement project in Hillcrest, that diverted traffic, has  resulted in Leo Wilson filing another lawsuit against the city.
  • Golden Hill Planning Group reps are very unhappy with the excellent improvements in Golden Hill.
  • Fellow rider, Javi was seriously injured after he was hit by driver near Balboa Park. Driver is said to be cooperating with law enforcement. Friends have set up an online fundraiser.
  • People walking the streets of San Diego are twice as likely to be injured in a crash than people in cars. They’re 15 times more likely to be injured if they’re riding a bike. Protected bike lanes and road diets can solve this problem.
  • Where do bikes in San Diego get stolen? U-T has a great visual analysis.
  • Animal Activist Gets Bike Back.

County of San Diego

  • Imperial Beach’s Eagle and Times profiles the city’s new Assistant City Manager, Steve Dush, who says he loves to ride his bike on the Bayshore Bikeway. An advocate’s friend in city hall is always a good thing.
  • A road diet in Carlbad’s’ notorious La Costa Avenue seems to be a welcome addition so far.
  • Drunk drivers have killed 11 people since May.
  • Chula Vista may implement a road diet on Broadway and businesses express doubt over proposed changes.
  • The Encinitas Advocate profiles Darius Degher who uses his bicycle for transportation as often as possible
  • Step aside bike haters of the bygone era, San Diego is ready and willing to take your place. Encinitas Planning Commissioner Dave Hutchinson has accused fellow Commissioner Brian Grover of doing his job in promoting Complete Streets and has asked Grover to resign. In Coronado, myopic residents have single handedly turned their city into a national laughing stock.
  • Chula Vista students take part in Safe Routes to Nature

State of California

  • Governor Brown signed SB 530 clarifying the rules for Pedal Powered Quadricyles, like San Diego’s own Social Cycle. We sent in a letter of support so owner Laura Rovick could operate her pedal powered business in peace without meddling from our meddlesome City Attorney. Even the First Dog seemed pleased.
  • Los Angeles finally gets a bike share program.
  • Drivers Unaware California Bike Law Exists, Few Citations Given In Its First Year
  • A Los Angeles Plan to Reshape the Streetscape Sets Off Fears of Gridlock



  • Guess who has the most stressful commute? Hint: not anyone who walks or bikes.
  • Are cars parked 95% of the time?
  • How Taxis and Uber Might Be Worsening the Paratransit Problem
  • Large car free day in Paris is a success

Preventable Carnage

  • On Park(ing) Day, a driver crashed into parked cars in Banker’s HIll. There are downsides to curbside parking.
  • DUI Suspect Kills Pedestrian 1 Block From DUI Checkpoint
  • Mother Of Baby Who Died After Being Left In Car Overnight Gets 10-Year Sentence
  • Driver takes out tree, pole, lands on side in El Cajon.
  • DUI suspect crashes into police cruiser
  • A Southern California woman who was texting and chatting on her cellphone before she slammed her Toyota Prius into the back of an idling car on an Orange County freeway, killing the 23-year-old driver, was sentenced Friday to six years in prison. No word on whether law enforcement in Orange County intends to step up their efforts to prevent distracted driving
  • A young girl who was struck by a car in the 500 block of North Johnson Avenue in El Cajon died at the hospital.
  • Two injured in head-on crash in Lincoln Park
  • Child 7 Dies After Being Hit by Car While Playing
  • A 12-year-old child on a scooter was thrown 20-feet when he was hit by a car in the South Bay
  • DUI Suspect Crashes Van Into Home Shears Gas Line  Source
  • Pedestrian dies of hit-run injuries
  • SUV (speeds and) skids on wet road, plunges into swimming pool
  • A 59-year-old man walking near City Heights Saturday was seriously injured when a car hit him, sending him flying into the air, according to one witness.
  • A woman with a baby in the back seat of her SUV slammed into the back of a Santee dry cleaners
  • Woman arrested for DUI after hit and run in Pacific Beach
  • Drunk drivers get his car stuck on the Georgia Street bridge.
  • Teenage Driver Hits Injures Kids in San Marcos
  • Daughter Charged With DUI Vehicular Manslaughter in Crash That Killed Mother
  • Vehicle crashes into wall along home on Winnett Street near SR 94