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City of San Diego

  • An intoxicated driver plowed into a group of 20-30 cyclists on Fiesta Island, injuring many and leaving one of them paralyzed from the waist down. Donations can be made to seriously injured cyclist Juan Carlos Vinola here.
  • San Diego recently cut in half the number of days Fiesta Island could be closed to car traffic.
  • A new plan has been proposed for protected bike lanes and increased parking spaces on University Avenue in Hillcrest.
  • A letter from San Diego’s ex-Planning Director, Bill Fulton, regarding his experiences and future plans.
  • San Diego’s next CicloSDias is scheduled for November 9th in Hillcrest and Banker’s Hill.
  • San Diego State University denied funding for a feasibility study of a pedestrian/bike path at the west end of Montezuma Road.

San Diego Region

  • The California Coastal Commission approved the over $6 billion expansion project for I-5 throughout North County.
  • The Cleveland National Forest Foundation points out that the San Diego region’s transportation needs could be met without expanding the I-5.  BikeSD Executive Director, Sam Ollinger, also provided a copy of her public comments.
  • After 3 people were killed in 5 days, authorities are investigating San Diego County’s track crossings.


  • San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Executive Director, Leah Shahum, is stepping down to embark on a four-month German Marshall Fund Fellowship to study the successful reduction of traffic-related deaths in various European cities.
  • An investigation revealed that , contrary to the initial investigation, a Los Angeles County Sherriff was texting when he ran down and killed a cyclist.
  • The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has launched a Bicycle Friendly Business Program.
  • Faced with motorists who will kill you to save 2 seconds, cyclists in Los Angeles have started organizing bike trains.
  • SDUrban reports on the transit and bike infrastructure they saw on a recent trip to Seattle.
  • The Seattle DOT has presented information and instructions about how to use the protected bike lanes on Broadway. Though they seem to have forgotten to prioritize other bike infrastructure projects.
  • A cyclist from Chula Vista was killed by a motorist recently in Santa Maria, California.
  • Phoenix is planning a vast expansion of its light rail network.
  • While the New York Police Department cracks down on cyclist riding on the sidewalk, studies show that the best way to get cyclist off the sidewalks is to build safe bike lanes .
  • A cyclist’s experience riding on the protected bike lane on 15th St. in Washington D.C. has her pushing for more protected lanes.
  • Boise, Idaho continues to examine the best way to build bicycle infrastructure in the downtown area.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah has set aside $800,000 for 19 new bicycle transportation projects.
  • Bike shares across the United States have killed a shocking number of people: zero.
  • At open street events across the United States pop-up protected bikes lanes have been demonstrating what bike-friendly infrastructure could look like.
  • A trip to the countryside of Finland made one writer realize how protected bike lanes could be integrated into a rural environment.
  • Take a trip with your kids on family friendly cycle routes around Britain.
  • The Toronto transportation department has finally decided to install protective barriers along the buffered bike lane on Adelaide.
  • The Toronto Police Department has been tracking dooring incidents, they’ve found that 62 cyclists have been doored in the last 9 months.
  • Copenhagen has built an elevated bike lane called the Cykelslangen (Cycle Snake) that routes cyclists over crowded pedestrian areas.
  • In Prague a survey found that more people would like to cycle more often, but are worried about their safety and inconsiderate drivers.