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  • An analysis of regional transportation plans in San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego
  • A New York cabbie tried to accelerate around a cyclist to make a left turn, but hit the cyclist and drove his cab onto the sidewalk hitting a pedestrian and severing her foot.
  • The new Bay Bridge is scheduled to open to vehicle traffic after Labor Day, though the bike path will not be completed for another 2 1/2 years.
  • A disgruntled bus driver in China drove into a group of cyclists and motorcyclists injuring 27 people.
  • America’s love affair with the automobile may be coming to an end.
  • Los Angeles will give bus commuters a $5.00 toll lane credit for every 32 peak hour bus trips they take along certain routes.
  • Amtrak set a ridership record this July.
  • California’s high-speed rail hit a legal setback.
  • An interview with SkirtBike, winners of a Cycling Visionaries Award at Velo-city Vienna
  • Video of a Congressional hearing regarding the Safe Streets Act of 2013.
  • A discussion of the difference between a comfortable bike lane and a safe bike lane.
  • In New York the realization that when more people travel by bike there is less traffic congestion starts to take hold.
  • A short video about Ed Koch’s attempt to bring bike lanes to New York City in the 1980s.
  • The MyFigueroa project in Los Angeles is nearing final approval.
  • Some business owners in Seattle are worried about cycle tracks, while others are building them themselves.
  • The proposed cycle track on Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis continues to worry transportation engineers and local store owners.
  • Calling it a “win-win” the Metropolitan AME church succeeded in blocking construction of a cycle track in Washington DC.
  • After a cyclist was recently killed by a truck driver in San Francisco, cyclists rallied for safer streets. In front of the rally Sgt. Richard Ernst decided to park his squad car in the bike lane to force bicyclists into the “automotive lane” saying “that’s really what we want them to do.”
  • Cycle tracks received coverage from the AARP.