News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • Bill Fulton talks about planning in San Diego at a recent Politifest (video).
  • An interview with Ed Clancy about future plans for CicloSDias.
  • Take a ride along the entire CicloSDias route in about two minutes with a time lapse video.
  • A couple short news clips about CicloSDias on CBS 8.
  • CityBeat calls CicloSDias “heaven on wheels.”
  • Coverage of CicloSDias in the San Diego Free Press.
  • Because of Prop A, San Diego is ineligible for millions of dollars of infrastructure grants and low interest loans from the state.
  • San Diego’s pedestrian deaths are more than twice the national average.  To remedy this the SDPD are cracking down on pedestrians.
  • A reader of the La Jolla Light feels that the streets of La Jolla are too dangerous for San Diego’s bike share program.
  • San Diego police in the beach communities are using decoy bikes and GPS to catch bike thieves.

San Diego Region

  • The UT acknowledges the rising support for bicycling in San Diego County.
  • More information about Udo Heinz, the cyclist who was killed by an NCTD bus driver last week, also more information here.
  • Cyclist Carlos Rodriguez was run down by a driver in Chula Vista, suffering spinal, shoulder, rib, and head injuries.  The driver did not stop and has not been apprehended.
  • A cyclist visiting Carlsbad was impressed with the progress the city has made building safe bike infrastructure and thinks it’s time that the surrounding communities caught up.


  • Cyclists in Minneapolis advocate for a protected bike lane on Minnehaha Avenue, while county engineers are still not sure how to make a cycle track safe at intersections.
  • The Final Environmental Impact Report was released for the MyFigueroa! project in Los Angeles.
  • The NYPD has discovered that bike lanes are a great place to park.
  • A cyclist in Chicago points out the difference between a buffered bike lane and a protected bike lane.
  • A comparison of taxable retail sales in Seattle neighborhoods before and after a road diet, shows that there was either little impact or a large increase in retail sales after construction.
  • A cyclist in Australia exposes bike lanes in the door zone, disappearing bike lanes, and other epic bike lane failures.
  • A discussion of transit and bike lane design with Mikael Colville-Anderson.
  • The BBC tackles the question of why bicycling is so popular in the Netherlands.
  • Police in Toronto still don’t want to track when and where cyclists are doored.
  • In Canada the discussion about who owns the roads is becoming more common.
  • A story about bike commuting in Nagoya Japan.
  • In an elaborate sting NBC 4 uncovers a bike theft ring in Los Angeles.
  • The Bay Area Bike Share will launch at the end of August.
  • A recently published report confirms that bike theft is on the rise in San Francisco.  Meanwhile bicyclists call for more secure bike stations and the SFPD is using Twitter to identify bike thieves and reunite people with their stolen bikes.
  • A New York tavern owner admires the work ethic of a bicycle thief who was caught on video outside his establishment.
  • A report about Columbus Ohio’s new bike share system.
  • A profile of Memphis bicycle advocate Pat Brown.
  • The Green Lane Project is getting ready to choose 6 new cities to be part of their program.