News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • San Diego has a new planning director, Bill Fulton.  Here’s a short conversation he had with the Voice of San Diego.
  • The parking lot in Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama has been shut down and will be turned into a pedestrian space.
  • The Golden Hill CDC hosted a public meeting to discuss SANDAG’s plans to add lanes to State Route 94.
  • Construction on the Mid-City Rapid Bus Line is scheduled to begin this month.
  • Why are taxis so expensive in San Diego and why do new cab companies seem to pop up every day?  The shadow market for taxi permits might be the reason.
  • San Diego will start studying how to fix its sidewalks.
  • 70 businesses throughout San Diego offer discounts to bicyclists.

San Diego Region


  • Check out the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, a next generation protected bike lane and “one of the biggest bicycling infrastructure achievements in North America.”
  • At a public meeting the Los Angeles DOT responded to residents’ concerns about bike lanes in San Pedro: be patient, get used to it.
  • The Velo-city 2013 conference is going on in Vienna, here are some summaries of the days’ events.
  • K Street in Washington DC is being redone – but bicyclists ask, what happened to the bike lanes?
  • New York City’s bike share program has experienced some software-related problems.
  • Even hands-free voice-activated devices are dangerously distracting for motorists.
  • For good example of what can be achieved with bicycle infrastructure in a US style city consider Rotterdam.