In Uptown: Bike Traffic On Fourth and Fifth Avenues up by an Average of 346% Since 2012

In late 2012 SANDAG, the region’s planning agency, installed bike counters around the entire county. The question to answer was: how many people were actually riding in the region?

According to the count data obtained from SDSU’s Active Transportation Research, the bike traffic in Uptown has gone up – by an average of 346% since 2012.

And it looks like the biggest jump in bike ridership happened after the buffered bike lanes were striped on Fourth and Fifth Avenues in 2014.

Build the bike lanes, and ridership comes. Data from Active Transportation Research


Bike lanes solve the vehicle congestion problem and make people happy. Win! Win!


Even in car-centric San Diego, if you build the bike lanes, people will ride.

Edit: An earlier version of this post stated that the increase was 71%. That is incorrect as the increase is 346%. 

Edit 2: Here is the raw data.