iMayor Todd Gloria: “San Diego’s transportation future demands that we become a world-class bike city”

On Wednesday night, (interim) mayor Todd Gloria presented the State of the City Address which laid out his vision for San Diego’s future. As a forward thinking leader, Gloria recognizes the role that bicycles play in San Diego’s transportation future. From his speech,

Finally, San Diego’s transportation future demands that we become a world-class bike city.

Fifty miles of roadway were restriped last year to accommodate wider bike lanes. Green bike lanes have been installed at numerous intersections and hundreds of shared lane markers have been placed around the city. Next month, we will eliminate traffic lanes on two local streets to create safer bikeways. Yes, we have begun eliminating car traffic lanes for bike lanes in southern California. We’re doing it by working together.

Later this year, our bike sharing program will kick off with the phased installation of 185 stations around the city. This partnership with DecoBike will not only expand bicycle access to more San Diegans, but will improve the connectivity of our bike, pedestrian and public transit systems.

Our updated Bicycle Master Plan and the $200 million approved by SANDAG late last year mean bigger and better advancements in this area. Pedaling makes sense for public health, our environment, reducing traffic congestion and for greater interaction in our neighborhoods.

Our vision is for San Diegans to be connected by a transportation network with robust pedestrian, bicycle, car and transit options. Our streets are not just for cars. They’re for people. And when they are designed and function as the public spaces they should be, everyone benefits.

The future, as Gloria envisions, was laid out in a video that aired prior to the State of the City Address

If you missed the State of the City Address, you may read the entire text here.

And right on the heels of his address, Gloria endorsed David Alvarez for mayor this morning. He stated, in part:

“David Alvarez is the candidate in this race who shares my vision and who we can count on to make San Diego great.”