Foto Friday: Kensington Community Church Encourages Biking to Church

Last month was Bike Month, and one Friday was devoted to encouraging people to bike to work. But people travel by bicycle to places besides work. At least one local church, Kensington Community Church, is encouraging San Diegans to bike to church as evidenced by the prominent placement of three bike racks in front of the church.

Feelings of goodwill last longer on a bicycle than in a car.

Kensington Community Church’s Pastor, Darryl Kistler, has demonstrated his support for bicycling and has been discussing improving and expanding transportation access, especially for bicycling, for at least a year now. This is the sort of good leadership that all San Diegans need to bear witness to.

If you want to request a bike rack to be placed in front of your favorite venue, don’t hesitate to contact the city.