BikeSD Campaigns 2018 – End of Year Report

2018 Year-End Update

BikeSD saw progress on a number of local campaigns for bike infrastructure in 2018 — as well as a few delays and setbacks. Here’s the end-of-year scoop on several of them:


Downtown Mobility Plan hits the ground

The first phase of downtown San Diego’s bikeway was striped in late December with great fanfare. New two-way cycletracks along J Street are just the start, though finishing all three planned phases of the project will take sustained effort. Get the full scoop on progress to date on this central set of bikeways.

BikeSD gets Gilman Dr. some buffered bike lanes

A last-minute opportunity arose during a sewer replacement by UCSD along Gilman Drive in La Jolla: bike lanes with buffered space could be added after the road was resurfaced by the University. Read about BikeSD’s successful presentation to the UC Planning Group and where this led on the safety of the Gilman Dr corridor.

Potential 30th Street Bikeway

A grassroots campaign called ‘Right Side Club,’ founded by Matt Stucky, pushed for a better north-south bike facility on the eastern side of Balboa Park. The city’s current bike Master Plan on the east side were lackluster so Matt laid out a better plan for a bike facility along 30th Street. Check out some great thinking on this potential alignment.

SANDAG’s Hillcrest Bikeway is modified

A recent push by City Councilmember Chris Ward’s office to create a park-like urban space in Uptown, called “The Normal Street Promenade,” has pushed back SANDAG’s timeline for the Eastern Hillcrest Bikeways by 3 to 6 months. But the Promenade has led to some interesting changes in the bikeway design along Normal Street. Perhaps more importantly, the Promenade has created community-wide alliance to that’s invested in seeing SANDAG’s Phase 2 bikeways completed in full.

Balboa Avenue Station

The Balboa Ave Area Specific Plan has been one big disappointment to transit, pedestrian, and bike advocates. A large parking lot, car-centric station design, poor access from points west like Pacific Beach, a narrow and difficult access ramp for non-drivers. Read about our efforts to get changes in the Balboa Station plan.

Border to Bayshore Bikeway

BikeSD was at the SANDAG transportation committee meeting to advocate for this important connection and to encourage MTS to work with SANDAG where a new rapid bus line will intersect with bike infrastructure. Project information here.


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