Advocates for a Bike-Friendly San Diego Support Nathan Fletcher for Mayor

SAN DIEGO, CA (May 4, 2012)- Local citizens are organizing a “Ride to Vote” to advocate for a bike friendly San Diego. With the primary election approaching, we hope to use this opportunity to advocate for safer bicycling facilities in our city.

The ride will begin at the fountain at Balboa Park on Wednesday May 23, 2012 at 5pm and will travel 11 miles. This is a bike ride for all ages and no one will be left behind. Event organizers are hoping to make this one of the largest bicycle events of the year.

Nathan Fletcher for Mayor. Photo from

Advocates for a bike-friendly San Diego are strongly supporting Nathan Fletcher’s campaign because he has embraced a bike plan that will implement true change to make San Diego a bike-friendly destination. Mr. Fletcher’s 12- point bike plan can be viewed here.

To bike-friendly San Diego advocates, this ride is not just a vote for Mr. Fletcher. This is a vote for safer streets, better quality of life, healthier people, cleaner air, and a more sustainable city.

Our message Wednesday, May 23, 2012 will be clear: any politician, regardless of political party, who actively & genuinely embraces a vision of a people-friendly San Diego, people who share this vision will embrace them back.

The benefits are bicycling are well documented. Bike advocates have long known that a community embracement of bicycling can change our city and our world for the better. We will organize and ride to promote a healthier, safer, and more peaceful city and world.

Around 5:45pm the ride will stop by the San Diego Central Library on E Street so participants can pick up voter registration cards.

This bike ride will be free, fun, safe, peaceful, and legal.



Timur Ender