10 Year Old Cyclist Hit by Van in Point Loma and another in El Cerrito

A reader wrote in about a collision that happened yesterday morning at Catalina and Wilcox in Point Loma.

Catalina and Wilcox - Location of the collision
Catalina and Wilcox – Location of the collision

A 10 year old cyclist was hit at Catalina and Wilcox.  According to our reader,

the cyclist was hit when the van turned left across traffic hitting cyclist coming in opposite direction.  Cyclist was hurt but was told she would be ok. That is all I know.  Be careful on Catalina at all times!

Photo of the downed bicycle at Catalina and Wilcox. Photo by BikeSD reader

According to our source, the cyclist that was hit was an aspiring youth cyclist who was just 10 years old. The young cyclist was taken to the hospital. The cyclist’s father was also riding with his daughter when the collision happened. He declined help offered by fellow cyclists. I can only imagine that the father must have been terribly shaken by the incident.

The other source reporting this collision states that the “cyclist suffered from fractured leg and collar bone, which police said were not life-threatening.”

Our source stated that the Chevy van responsible for the collision was a government issued van driven by a Navy enlisted man. From the looks of van in the above photo, it is a miracle that the young girl is even alive.

A second cyclist was hit near SDSU campus yesterday when a Hyundai driver struck the bicyclist as he tried to pass her,

The 23-year-old woman sustained non-life-threatening facial fractures

If you have any additional information about either of these two collisions, please do leave a comment or email admin@bikesd.org

We send the both cyclists and their families our thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery.