Join Us For Our First Bike Camping Event!

Are you curious about bike camping in San Diego? Thinking about giving it a try but not sure where to start? Well, join BikeSD on our bike camping series!

We will teach you the basics of bike camping through local weekend rides, and eventually graduate to a 100 mile round trip bike camping excursion. 

This event is open to the first 10 people to sign up. Due to the close proximity during the event, we are restricting it to people that have been vaccinated. If you are not yet, don’t worry, we will have future events when restrictions are lifted!

Join Us For The Kickoff Event This Saturday, May 15th

We’ll start with an intro event this Saturday, May 15th from 5-6 pm at Teralta Park, where we’ll do an overview of the logistics of bike camping, review recommended gear, answer all your questions, and walk through logistics for our first event on Saturday, May 22nd. Join us!

Bike Camping Series: #1 Teralta Park to Point Loma

Next Steps After Pre-Meeting:

After our pre-meeting, we will meet back up on May 22nd at 1pm at Teralta Park and roll out from Point Loma, with a quick stop on the way for food. The stay will be at a private residence where we can set up sleeping sites and enjoy a nice campfire over dinner. Departing back to our start location on Sunday morning, we will stop for breakfast and finish off the ride by 1 pm. 

If you are interested in joining, e-mail to sign up or for general information. 

Ride on,

– Oscar and the Bike SD Board