2018 District 4 City Council Questionnaire: Myrtle Cole

Q: Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions (55%) in San Diego. The City’s Climate Action Plan bicycle mode share goals are 6% of commuter trips by 2020 and 18% by 2035, from 1% today.  How will you ensure these mode share goals are achieved?

A: As the Council President and member of the SANDAG Board I have worked with my colleagues to ensure that the Imperial Avenue Bikeway Project continues to move forward with community input. This project is part of the $200 million Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program. It will help create safer streets for people who walk, bike, drive, and take transit in the Southeastern San Diego Community. The 3-mile bikeway will provide improvements along Imperial Avenue between 17th Street and 47th Street. Potential project features include high visibility crosswalks, curb extensions, raised crosswalks, separated and buffered bike lanes and shared lane markings. These walking and biking enhancements will improve safety for all roadway users.

Q: The City of San Diego’s Bicycle Master Plan has been repeatedly delayed.  How would you secure funding and ensure build-out?

A: In July the Council unanimously approved a Strategic Implementation Plan for the Bicycle Master Plan. In addition to seeking grants and other funding that doesn’t come from the General Fund, I support the Council making funding for the Bicycle Master Plan a high priority and will include it in my list of high priority items for the budget.

Q: Safe bike lanes are often opposed by residents due to slower road speeds or reduced street parking.  How would you work with the community to address concerns – without compromising safety or delaying bike infrastructure in the name of consensus?

A: Working with the community, the Southeastern San Diego Community Plan and the Encanto Neighborhood Community has found consensus on a shared vision for more pedestrian and bike friendly neighborhoods that will make walking and biking more convenient. This is reflected in the Imperial Avenue Bikeway Project.

Q: What are your top 3 priorities for improving the biking experience in your Council District for residents and families?

A: Slowing traffic down in neighborhood streets, installing sidewalks and traffic calming devices, improving the safety of our intersections, and ensuring the Imperial Bikeway Project is constructed.

Q: Please share a memorable experience(s) you have of bicycling.

A: One of my fondest memories related to biking is being allowed to help paint the first green bike lanes in my district in 2013 along University Avenue.