Velodrome Swap Meet Tomorrow

All across San Diego, bicyclists are hopping up and down like anxious children who need to pee, because the annual San Diego Velodrome Association's Fall Swap Meet is happening tomorrow, November 8. Low cover, great deals, geeking out about shiny bicycle bits. Ooooh boy!

For all the details, see the webpage.

Announcing the 2010 Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic

Chris Kostman emailed us to announce the 2010 Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic.

Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic
Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic

The April 17, 2010 Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic is the newest AdventureCORPS cycling event, featuring 103 miles with 10,000 feet of climbing and three different ascents of San Diego County's Mount Laguna! We'll climb San Diego's highest point via Sunrise Hwy from the north, via the fabled and car-free Kitchen Creek from the south-east, and via the little-known and truly epic Pine Creek drainage from the west. There are just three stop signs and NO traffic lights on this incredible route which starts and finishes in Pine Valley, CA!

Curious on what the route looks like? Watch the video below.

Th video is compiled from 181 images of the route from various rides we've enjoyed out there in recent years. The images are in sequential order, exactly as if riding the event. Each of the three loops is also depicted with a map, elevation profile, and 3D image. It's a large file, so allow a few minutes for it to load before you click the Play button. Turn up your speakers to enjoy the music!

Please note that the event is timed and we will also recognize the club with the largest number of finishers, and fastest co-ed trio, plus the usual categories like 50+, fixed gear, tandem, etc. Also note that the Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic has a 300 rider limit.

Registration is open now.

SD Grrrl Fair, Bike Workshop

Ken from Bikes Del Pueblo dropped us a note to let us know about the upcoming San Diego Grrrl Fair. His email had a request that states in part,

San Diego Grrrl Fair 2009
San Diego Grrrl Fair 2009

San Diego Grrrl Fair is a local event set for December that is designed to share skills and knowledge to empower womyn/women and their communities. We're currently looking for anybody who is woman cyclist to head a workshop or discussion on biking, such as sharing their experiences riding or just practical how-to's of biking.

If you are a woman cyclist and would like to head a workshop, please contact Ken at sxeken (at) riseup (dot) net or leave a comment that we can forward to Ken .

Furthermore, the organizers would also like to host an event that reflects the needs of their attendees. They have created a survey to determine what those needs are.

Upcoming weekend rides and events

Every San Diegan cyclist can be busy every single day from sunrise to sunset just doing various group rides and participating in other bicycle related  around San Diego County. But what are some of the highlights for this weekend?

  • Tonight in Oceanside, the SDCBC is offering a class on how to be safer and more comfortable in traffic. The event is $35 and will be held at the Oceanside Library. Visit the Bicycle Coalition's website for more details.
  • Tomorrow is the ride for  The ride begins at Dusty Rhodes Park at 9 AM. The purpose of the ride? Our action event will be a bike mob. It will be through a central part of the city, an area densely populated with cars to show that biking is a viable form of transportation.

For more ideas on what else you can do o n your saddle, check out the bike calendar for inspiration and ideas. If your event is not listed, contact us or leave a comment with the details.

Mid City Bike Blast

BikeBlast_Oct09 copy The next Mid City Bike Blast Ride is this Saturday (October 10th). The theme this month is: Zombies. The ride is open to all noise makers and Zombie fans.

The ride begins at the City Heights Farmers' Market which is open from 9am to 1pm at the City Heights Farmers' Market, located on Wightman Street, between Fairmount and 43rd.

The Mid-city ride is a comfortable ride through Mid-City. To make some noise, put cards in your spokes, bring a whistle, bring a bell or bring a tuba!