Changes are finally coming to Montezuma Road

It has taken one serious injury, one death and then one memorial ride to finally get some changes implemented on Montezuma Road.

Sara Kazemi posted this earlier this afternoon,

Changes are coming to Montezuma Road. No protective barriers, but visually arresting paint and a sign to yield to bikes. Photo: SDCBC

Back on August 1st, we learned about the Montezuma Road Restructuring which would make Montezuma Road a safer and bike-friendly road by making bike lanes more visible by standardizing and widening their width and painting them green, indicating where bikes will merge with traffic, and creating protected lanes closer to San Diego State University. The plan was drafted up by KTU+A and presented to SANDAG in late July. As of today, this plan is becoming a reality.

I contacted Tim Taylor from Councilmember Marti Emerald’s office earlier this week about an update to make Montezuma Road safer and he stated the following,

A draft has been drawn up and will be shared with the public soon.  The plan is to seek input at the Oct. 10 meeting of the College Area Planning Group.  I think the draft will be made available ahead of the meeting.

College Area Community Planning Group and College Area Community Council

Meets the 2nd Wednesday every month at 7 pm
College-Rolando Branch Library, Community Room,  6600 Montezuma Rd.
Chair: Doug Case, (619) 594-2939,

Have you had a chance to ride on these newly painted lanes? What was your experience like?