Bike Parking – Hall of Fame Candidate

This post was written by Robert Leone of the Knickerbikers, San Diego’s Bicycle Touring Club and board member at the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition. Leone has begun to shed some light on the previously inscrutable bicycle theft world.


Many regular readers may recall my original article on bad bike locking techniques. Here’s a new example combining two themes.

The first theme is the inadequate object. It’s easy to lift a chain or cable locked bike up and off a standard single head parking meter. The second and much rarer problem is the absolutely abysmal locking device choice. That is not even the most vulnerable of chains or cables in the picture. It’s a dog lead — secured by a snap hook! This is definitely a case of scarecrow security

How not to lock a bicycle. Photo by Robert Leone

Regardless of parking techniques practiced, Bryan Hance created the stolen bicycle registry to reunite bicycles with their owners.