Bicycling and Walking Benchmarking Report Released

Edit: Nothing wrong with a little redundancy, right? Although it seems I’m a little behind with this, I’ll still be posting tidbits for your perusal. Ah, the joys of multi-authored blogs!

The folks at the Alliance for Biking and Walking (formerly the Thunderhead Alliance) have just recently released their 2010 benchmarking report. We have our copy in house now, and as we work through it, plan to post interesting and relevant bits here for those of you who don’t feel like reading through the entire tome. You can, however, also download it for free if you’re so inclined.

The Benchmarking Project is an on-going effort to collect and analyze data on bicycling and walking in all 50 states and the 51 largest U.S. cities. This second biennial report reveals data including: bicycling and walking levels and demographics; bicycle and pedestrian safety; bicycle and pedestrian policies and provisions; funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects; bicycle and pedestrian staffing levels; written policies on bicycling and walking; bicycle infrastructure including bike lanes, paths, signed bike routes, and bicycle parking; bike-transit integration including presence of bike racks on buses, bike parking at transit stops; bicycling and walking education and encouragement activities; and public health indicators including levels of obesity, physical activity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.