Anar Salayev

Executive Director

Anar Salayev is a car-enthusiast turned active transportation advocate. He seeks a holistic understanding of the built environment. He believes that human-centric urban design will go a long way in combating climate change, encouraging sustainable practices, and improving health outcomes – both mental and physical.

Most of Anar’s time is spent thinking about mobility – striving to balance theory and practice. As a product manager at MTM, he focuses on getting patients to and from their appointments in a timely manner. As the Executive Director/Advocacy Co-Lead at BikeSD, he works with a team of volunteers to push forward all ages and abilities bike infrastructure across the city of San Diego. Finally, as correspondent and Advocacy working group lead at Pedestrian Space, he writes articles on pedestrian-centric infrastructure and leads discussions on worldwide advocacy efforts.

In his spare time, Anar enjoys spending time with his partner, friends, and pets, playing board games, reading, working out, and learning Krav Maga.