Semi collides with Bicycle – Cyclist in critical condition

Last Friday, a semi-trailer collided with a bicyclist riding in the City Heights neighborhood and dragged the bicyclist more than 20 feet before stopping.

Matt Kelly. Photo from
Matt Kelly. Photo from

The rider is currently in critical condition at Scripps Hospital in Hillcrest and is undergoing basic stabilizing surgeries before surgeons start the process of reconstructing his femur and pelvis.

We will keep you updated as we learn more. If you are an attorney and can take on this case, please leave a comment or contact us at admin [at] bikesd[dot]org.


The rider is Matt Kelly of North Park. His family and friends have set up a website to distribute information and collect donations for Matt Kelly. Please help if you are able to do so.


A friend of Matt’s, Lauren Leonard, sent us an email with the following update:

Matt was heading eastbound on Orange Avenue when the semi, making a right hand turn, clipped him from behind and ran him over but didn’t realize it. He then continued to drive about 20 feet while Matt was pinned underneath, dragging him along. Once the driver stopped, Matt continued to be pinned under the semi for about 20-40 minutes while the authorities worked to get him safely out. His femur and pelvic blade were shattered, and he has had severe internal bleeding since his femeral artery was severed as well. He has been through four surgeries just to curb the internal bleeding, and they plan to start reconstructing his bones in the coming days. He can wiggle his toes, but is expected to be in the hospital for several more weeks. Matt’s family, Tom, Odette, and Erin Kelly are staying with him at Scripps Memorial. The website for more information/to make donations is at

A concert was held last night in North Park with the band Crystal Antlers headlining. The band was generous enough to donate all of the proceeds to Matt’s family and medical expenses.
I do not have any information about the police report, but I do know that the driver was questioned and the semi was impounded as evidence.

Matt Kelly’s sister has started a blog to document Matt’s progress in the hospital.