News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer introduces his new staff.
  • Coverage of BikeSD’s Advocacy Organization of the Year award from the Alliance for Biking and Walking.
  • Renovation of the public restrooms at San Diego City Hall highlights some of the building’s design flaws (besides blocking B Street, being surrounded by one-way streets, and the strange parking garage ramps).
  • To get a $120 million loan for infrastructure repairs San Diego is considering using a lease-leaseback financing scheme which may be illegal.
  • Some questions about the structure of CivicSD, the organization that has replaced the now-defunct Centre City Development Corporation.
  • Mayor Faulconer is considering using federal grant money designated for local nonprofit groups to repair sidewalks and build new fire stations.
  • Police are looking for the driver of a silver four door Lexus or Mercedes who ran down a cyclist on Midway Drive.
  • The top 10 bike paths in San Diego according to San Diego Magazine.
  • CicloSDias is coming to Pacific Beach on March 30th.
  • The UT is exasperated at the cost of dealing with stormwater runoff, meanwhile the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health warns residents to stay out of the ocean for 72 hours after it rains.
  • In the UTC area the planned trolley expansion has condo owners and the Mormon temple concerned about the effect on their property.

San Diego Region

  • Coverage of the recent wounded warriors ride that took place in Coronado.
  • A good summary of the planned future rail improvements for the San Diego Region.
  • inewsource has sued the NCTD to obtain copies of a leadership assessment report.


  • A video presentation and other resources showing how to create protected intersections for bicyclists.
  • A look at the condition of the pylons “protecting” the bike path along the Second Street Tunnel in Los Angeles.
  • The Los Angeles City Council Planning and Land Use Committee is still considering the future of the My Figueroa project.
  • Oakland has settled a lawsuit for $3.25 million with a cyclist who was severely injured due to a pothole.
  • San Francisco’s bike share has hit a snag after its main technology and software provider went bankrupt.
  • Some Baltimore residents have taken to painting their own crosswalks after the city failed to do so.
  • Plans were approved for a protected bike lane on Lafayette Street in New York.
  • New York’s Citibike is looking for additional funding from investors as income from tourists using the system fell short of forecasts.
  • From Hamilton Ontario, a look at whether “it is only fair” that cyclists pay for using dedicated bike lanes.
  • Now magazine in Toronto has published its Bike Special 2014 issue.
  • Mexico City has 40 miles of bike lanes separated from cars using concrete dividers.
  • Spring is coming to Kracow, some cycling advice and suggested rides and routes.
  • In Sweden you can hire a bike powered moving company to transport nearly anything weighing up to 600 pounds.
  • A dooring incident was caught on camera in Melbourne and has prompted a closer look at the state of cycling in the city.