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City of San Diego

  • Police are looking for at least three people suspected of attacking cyclists with a pellet gun in La Jolla, Torrey Pines, and Fiesta Island.
  • The UT sat down with Andy Hanshaw to discuss CicloSDias and the region’s bicycle plans in general.
  • Additional details about San Diego’s bike share partnership with DecoBike, including plans for an app to help determine placement of stations, and concerns about effects on bike rental businesses in PB.
  • The lack of street lights in City Heights gets some national exposure.
  • To avoid “devastating impacts” the Cabrillo Bridge will not be closed to vehicles after Labor Day as previously planned.
  • The new Plaza de Panama pedestrian zone turns out to be very popular, though it is worrying to some (unnamed) businesses, and difficult to navigate for tour buses and large trucks.
  • A skateboarder was killed in a collision with a car in Pacific Beach.


  • Discussions are going forward about building a cycle track in downtown Atlanta.  The city’s goal is to become a top ten US cycling city.
  • A Minnesota cyclist responds to Hennepin County’s claim that bicycle lanes are safer than cycle tracks – including citations, and supporting emails from various professors.
  • As the Big Four Bridge ramp nears completion Jeffersonville Indiana considers expanding bicycle routes throughout the city.
  • A bike lane in the door zone next to fast moving vehicles isn’t good enough for some cyclists in San Francisco.
  • The Governor of Illinois supports the IDOT’s opinion that they need to gather 3 years of data to be sure that protected bicycle lanes are safe.  There remains something of a mystery about who made this decision and why.
  • LA cyclists make a list of what they would like to see after the bright green paint is removed from the bike lane on Spring Street.
  • A critique of the Seattle Bike Master Plan from a cyclist’s perspective.
  • A business owner on Polk Street in San Francisco (where some merchants have expressed their opposition to protected bike lanes) gets aggravated at a person asking questions about a recent incident where a bicyclist was injured by a car.
  • A writer for the Wall Street Journal really likes the new bike lane on his street.
  • Cincinnati looks at installing bike lanes or cycle tracks downtown.
  • An “unnecessary” bikeway along Vancouver’s western beaches was approved following a passionate debate.
  • The Toronto Board of Health has recommended that the police start tracking incidents where cyclists are doored.
  • Cyclists point out that sharrows have been placed in the door zone in Goleta and Tuscon.
  • The reform CEQA saga continues in Sacramento.
  • How bike infrastructure is good for business can be illustrated with charts comparing average expenditure per trip and average trips per month using various modes of transportation.
  • A guide to taking your bike on a plane when flying out of San Francisco.
  • A letter to the editor from a Dane (I assume) in Alexandria Virginia who is puzzled by a new ordinance allowing cyclists to ride on the sidewalk and the behavior of cyclists and police on the street in general.
  • It seems the fear of Citi Bike is over in New York, now local politicians are asking for the stations to be expanded to their neighborhoods.