News, Links, and Other Views

City of San Diego

  • It’s scary biking in San Diego according to the Voice of San Diego comments of the week.
  • Cycle with caution: letters to the editor in the UT complain about cyclists not following the rules of the road and the life-threatening conditions cyclists face in San Diego.
  • The San Diego Free Press published an interview and article about North Park Main Street Executive Director Angela Landsberg, including photos of upcoming bike corral hardware.

San Diego Region

  • Plans for a high density development in La Mesa draw mixed reviews from the community.
  • A Jamul resident who drives a 40,000 pound vehicle warns cyclists about the dangers of riding on rural east county’s two lane highways.
  • SANDAG is seeking new members for the TransNet Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee.
  • The SANDAG iCommute Diamond Award winners have been announced.
  • Two pedestrians were struck by a motorist who veered into the bicycle lane along Pauba Road in Temecula.
  • The Safe Routes to School program is underway in Escondido, working towards making it safe for kids to walk or bike to school.


  • A pair of tunnels will divert traffic away from an unstable stretch of Pacific Coast Highway near San Francisco.  The old highway will become a parkway for hikers and cyclists.
  • Spanish cyclists are seeking “cyclist asylum” from restrictive proposed legislation.
  • In Portland neighbors worry as an 81 unit apartment building with no parking for cars is in the process of development.
  • Plans to replace parking on Polk Street in San Francisco with bike lanes and parklets angers some business owners.
  • In the San Fernando Valley the proposed route for a bike lane gets contentious.
  • Pedestrians and Cyclists experience a “turf war” in Santa Monica.
  • To avoid traffic Serena Williams rode her bike to a tennis match in Miami.
  • A Madison Wisconsin alderwoman was banned from a restaurant after the city decided to add bike lanes to the street where the restaurant is located.  A misunderstanding about how bikes are good for business.
  • An 18 year old boy was killed by a school bus while he was riding his bike to a park in Palmdale.
  • The Figueroa Corridor project will include four miles of “complete streets” including the first cycle tracks in Los Angeles.
  • A 14 year old girl was killed by a pickup truck while making a right turn in Redwood City.  The police found the girl to be at fault, but her parents are doing their own investigation.
  • West Virginia confronts concerns about traffic congestion and wasting money with the addition of a bike path.
  • A pastor in Appleton Wisconsin worries about the effect a bike lane will have on street parking.
  • A reporter experiences the trials and travails of biking to work in Miami.