KPBS’s Tom Fudge Back on the Bike

On April 16, 2007, Tom Fudge, the host These Days, was hit by a car while riding to work. The accident kept him off the air and in the intensive care unit for more than two months. A few months after his accident, Fudge returned to the KPBS studio to talk about his accident and the lessons he learned from it.

Fudge eventually left his position as host of These Days and returned to KPBS as the main voice behind the KPBS blog On-Ramp, a blog focusing on housing, transportation, and urban planning.

This morning however, I was pleased to note that Fudge is back on his bicycle after he posted a tweet,!/TFudgeSD/status/116562216588820480

I was happy to note this and asked how the ride was. He responded,!/TFudgeSD/status/116563818783580160

I’m sure like myself, others will be happy to note this happy bit of news.