Kearny Villa Bike Lane (finally) paved

The horrid state Kearny Villa Road‘s bike lanes has taken the lives of two bicyclists and endangered countless others. This is a road that runs parallel to the 163 freeway and has a posted speed limit of 65 mph, and is the only north/south route for many of the city’s cyclists wanting to reach the northern limits of the city.

After numerous complaints were phoned in and emailed, the city finally decided to “fix” the hazardous cracks in the bike lane in a rather passive aggressive manner earlier this year in March.

Kearny Villa Road lies in City Council Member Marti Emerald’s district. After months of going back and forth with the city’s traffic and engineering department, and Marti Emerald’s office on the dangerous condition of the road, the city finally informed us of their decision to repave the bike lanes on Kearny Villa Road in June.

Yesterday, Jim Gates, a Bike San Diego reader, informed us that the bike lanes were indeed getting repaved.

Below are photos showing the progress to date:

The state of Kearny Villa Road for years. Photo © Robert Leone
The state of Kearny Villa Road after the fix in March 2010. Photo © Juan Magdaraog
Kearny Villa Road today. Photo © Jim Gates
Kearny Villa Road today. Photo © Jim Gates