Complete Communities:

Call in to Support Mobility Choices at City of San Diego’s Land Use & Housing Committee, June 24th at 9 am

Written comments:

Call in to the meeting at 9 am:

DIAL: 619-541-6310 2.
Enter the Access Code: 877861 then press ‘#’.

More information on Complete Communities: Mobility Choices & Housing Solutions

Talking Points:

  • Support Item #2 – Complete Communities: Mobility Choices & Housing Solutions which will help create a healthier, safer and more livable city with more transportation options.
  • Support the Active Transportation In Lieu Fee and Neighborhood Enhancement In Lieu Fee because those policies will provide more funding to complete active transportation networks throughout the urban core, and create more programs to support active transportation.
  • Support the Complete Communities Housing Solutions and Mobility Choices which will impose a fee for Vehicle Miles Traveled reduction to fund alternative transportation options focused in historically underserved communities and go a long way in lowering San Diego’s dependence on automobiles. 
  • Today’s action will help make San Diego a more bikeable city and help us achieve the Climate Action Plan mode share goals for transportation.

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