Changes and Updates

I wanted to give all of you an update on where will be heading from this year onward.

First, I will be covering issues affecting bicyclists throughout San Diego County in addition to the City of San Diego. Our borders here are so fluid that it seems like the natural next step to take. So please send in press releases, event fliers or news updates that affect riders all over the county.I will indeed update the masthead images, but if you have photographic and/or graphic skills and would like to contribute the next set of mastheads to (with credit to you) please do contact me.

Second I will be broadening the issues that are covered here. This means I will occasionally write about all aspects of bicycling be it mountain biking or, our famous Tuesday night races. The focus here will still largely be on utility cycling but since there is so much overlap in the cycling demographic as evidenced by Everett’s post it seems logical to cover the breadth and scope of our rich and varied cycling culture.

As always please leave a comment or email me at if you have questions, comments or other feedback.