This Monday at 10 AM: Mayor to Announce CicloSDias at Dedication of Fourth Bike Corral

San Diego’s Fourth Bike Corral at Filter Coffee Shop in Hillcrest- Also in District Three. Photo: Fabulous Hillcrest

District Three continues to allocate public space to people with the fourth bike corral ready for use and scheduled to be officially dedicated on Monday morning. In conjunction with the new corral being unveiled, there is an announcement that local advocates have been working on for more than three years.

Our new Mayor, Bob Filner, in his State of the City Address last month emphasized the need for linking neighborhoods in this city by making them more bikeable through design excellence:

we need to support those efforts with transportation systems that enhance our quality of life – pedestrian-friendly designs like Bird Rock’s roundabouts, dedicated bike paths linking neighborhoods, and improved options, to meet the rapidly changing needs of our residents.

We must restore urban planning as an independent and leading voice for envisioning our communities’ future.

Land use and development review functions within City government will be reorganized into a Department of Healthy, Safe, and Livable Neighborhoods. This Department will focus on accelerating completion of our community plans; putting proper emphasis on transit-oriented development, walkability and bikeability; economic development; energy sustainability; affordable housing; and elevating our expectations for design excellence in new development.

The big announcement? San Diego will finally (finally!) be opening up her streets to be used by people instead of just automobiles. Below is the official press release:

Thirty years after Bogotá, Colombia opened up her streets to be used by people, its about time San Diego stepped up to the plate to start the conversation about what a more livable city really looks like. CicloSDias will be an absolute game changer with regard to having that meaningful discussion and we’re thrilled to see our new mayor lead on this issue.

Bogotá Ciclovía's have become part of a transformative movement. Photo: CicLAvia.
Bogotá’s Ciclovías have become part of a transformative movement. We know it will do the same in San Diego. Photo: CicLAvia.