Photos from 2012 Ride, Dinner and Bikes!

By all counts, last Friday’s event was an incredible success. New friendships were formed and old ones reaffirmed.

Gina Mesa stated,

awesome evening … thank you to everyone who helped make it happen.

Bob Bandhauer stated,

I too was impressed with how good the food was. As much time as I have put into learning the history of bicycles since their invention in 1868, I am still amazed at how poorly American infrastructure was planned for bikes and pedestrians during the 50’s and 60’s. Elly and Joe helped to open my eyes to more on this poor planning and how it is slowly changing to benefit those who prefer not to use dirty oil to excess.

We really like group rides, but when they are part of a fun evening with food and information about bikes and our needs, they are that much better. We are looking forward to more of the same as Bike San Diego continues to thrive. Thanks to Sam and everyone involved in making all this happen.

We had a great time. Our speakers were very good and the food was that much better. And I even won a book on ‘Bike Sex’.
Fun group as always.

If you’d like to purchase some of the literature that was on sale last Friday, you can do so at Elly Blue’s website.

Zak who leads the Temecula Bike Train came all the way down. He said,

I had a wonderful evening. Was nice to see some neighborhoods I had never seen before.

Bradley Cunningham stated,

It was rad, educational and the chow was kind! Thanks sam!!

But the event was put together by a strong team of dedicated advocates. Sigurd prepared and led the ride that would accommodate most people’s abilities. Matt Ruscigno and Paul Tourkin were instrumental in getting the word out.

This event came together primarily as a result of reviewing the results of the survey that I’m still in the process of tabulating. One recurring request was that we put on more events. The 2012 Ride, Dinner and Bikes was the first of many events we plan on organizing and hosting. Below are a few photos from last Friday. The rest of the photos taken by Bob Bandhauer are available on facebook if you’d like to tag yourself.

Dinner and Bikes 2012 – Gathering at Filter Coffee Shop. Photo by Turbo Bob
Riders ride the 2012 Dinner and Bikes event. Photo by Turbo Bob
Guests from far away came to the event, including the main organizer of Temecula’s Bike Train[], Zak. Photo: Turbo Bob
Smiling faces at the ride on their way to dinner. Photo: Turbo Bob
Ride leader, Sigurd (center). Photo: Turbo Bob
Smiling faces on their way to dinner. Photo: Turbo Bob
Crossing the Vermont Street Bridge. Photo: Turbo Bob

Riders riding. Photo: Kat Woronowicz
Attendees listen attentively to the discussion led by Elly Blue and Joe Biel. Photo: Turbo Bob
One of the many presentations shown last Friday.
Turbo Bob and Barbara with their folding bicycles get ready to leave for home after being inspired. Photo by Turbo Bob