My favorite items for a comfortable and enjoyable ride

Soma Mixte bike frame
Soma Mixte (frame is retired from fabrication)


The refrain, “these are a few of my favorite things,” runs through my head when I think about what I take along when touring by bike. I thought I’d share some essentials in case this helps you plan for your next ride.

Key Basics

Soma Mixte Step-through frame – providing easy access for mounting and dismounting. The Soma and Rivendell are the only steel frame women’s step-through bikes that can be found in the United States. It’s a sad commentary on how the cycling market treats women riders and their needs, but at least we have a few options.

Brookes saddle – The best answer for a comfortable seat. Never use bike shorts again.

My helmet – Provides shade, protection, and a great place to display stickers of my favorite organizations.

Arkel bags – Carrying everything from the local grocery store and providing freedom from carrying loads on your back,to traveling down the California coastline.


Good Accessories

Hydroflask – Or any reusable bottle; one for water, one for coffee.

JBL speaker – Providing great tunes for every ride.

Mirror of any type – Always wise to keep an eye out for what’s behind you.

Bell – Letting others know you are coming by.

Odometer – To keep track of my savings, speed, and time. Every 100 miles on a bike rather than a car is approximately $70 savings.

Old inner tube – Great for tie downs and straps.

Yuba Child Ring – Perfect for the yoga practice as it provides a nice stretch and a reminder to stay aligned. Also wonderful for carrying extra passengers.

Flip Flop socks – Ride all year long in Flip Flops. Make a pea size hole for big toe and a bit larger for the rest. Give it a try – experiment and create your own.

Sweatshirt and bathing suit – Weather in San Diego can bring all possibilities.