Why Does BikeSD Matter to the General Public?

By: Mana Monzavi, Board Treasurer
Bike San Diego

Bike SD FundraiserI’m not a bike enthusiast. It may seem strange that someone like me is an avid supporter of BikeSD. But it actually makes perfect sense. I own a bike (although I’m mostly too scared to ride it around). I also live in a walkable neighborhood (North Park) and drive a car. About 6 months ago, I joined the board of BikeSD because I believe in the greater vision of this organization. We all want safer streets, a better quality of life, and the freedom to choose our own mode of transportation.

San Diego, along with the rest of southern California, is a largely car-centric region. Public transportation and infrastructure for bikes and pedestrians are secondary notions. Our current infrastructure makes it difficult and unsafe to choose alternate modes for moving around this city.

Think about the streets in your neighborhood. Which ones do you think are safe or unsafe?

Three of the eight most dangerous streets in San Diego are in my neighborhood. I travel them almost every day.

One of the initiatives for Bike SD in 2016 is the recently passed Vision Zero Campaign. The main goal of this city initiative is to lower traffic-related deaths to zero by 2025. Saving lives and making our streets safer includes safety for bicyclist and pedestrians. This is a common goal that we all share, whether we are bike enthusiasts or not.

So I’ve decided to put all my extra energy and free time into helping BikeSD accomplish its goals to make San Diego safer for us all. But we need your help. Running an effective advocacy organization costs money and every little bit helps. Please take a moment to make a contribution of $5, $50, $500, or any amount that makes sense for your budget. We are currently in the middle of a major fundraising campaign with the goal of $25,000. Please help us make San Diego a great place to live for everyone.

Join us. Give today.