BIPOC History Ride - February 28, 2021

Join BikeSD as we partner with Ride for Breonna for a BIPOC History Ride as a part of Black History Month 2021. We will ride together on February 28, 2021 at 8:00 am at the Bea Evenson Fountain in Balboa Park through North Park to City Heights. This will be a COVID-safe activity and masks are required at all time. Spots are limited.

Win for Bikes on Washington Street

Win for Bikes on Washington Street

On Thursday, February 11, 2021 the City of San Diego implemented a temporary protected bike lane. Some parking that forced bicycle riders into a shared traffic lane with cars traveling up to 50 or 60 miles an hour were removed and a restriping and flex posts were installed. This is a big symbolic victory for the bicycle community in San Diego which has been asking for safety improvements here for nearly a decade.

It was unfortunate that it took a tragic loss of life at this site to force change to happen. Many in the bicycle advocacy community have been advocating for safe bicycle lanes on Washington Street for nearly a decade as far back as 2013. The bike lane on the shoulder was painted over at some point around 2014 at the bottom of the hill at the India Street intersection to accommodate free parking. This dangerous condition existed for years after until on August 22, 2020 a bicycle rider was struck from behind and later passed away from the injuries. The City of San Diego's new Mayor, Todd Gloria, has demonstrated that there is a new administration in town, one that takes the safety of all street users into consideration. Will there be more like this to come?

In September 2020, BikeSD submitted a joint letter to the City Council and held a press conference calling on the city to install protected lanes on Washington Street. This victory is small but represents a potential shift in the City's actions to make our streets safer for all users.

October 17 BIPOC History Tour with BikeSD

BIPOC History Ride - October 17th at 9 am


Welcome to the BikeSD hosted, San Diego BIPOC History Ride. You will ride with members of BikeSD through San Diego, visiting historic spaces and significant sites--some of which may be familiar, and some of which you may have passed a hundred times without knowing they were there. These guides will help you navigate the city, following the route established for the BIPOC History Ride which was built in collaboration with many individuals and organizations. We aren't tour guides, just local cyclists who have volunteered to guide this group ride. The group will rely on the online tour for information and stories about the sites. Meet-up at 9 am, 9:15 am roll out and approximate completion of tour around 1 pm. The ride will stop for lunch at a local spot upon completion. We are limiting the spots to 10 people due to COVID-19. Masks are required at all times. Bring a mobile smart phone or device that can access data to follow along the online route and information.

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Chicano Park to Southeastern San Diego

Chicano Park to Southeastern San Diego tour as described in the tour covers Barrio Logan, Mount Hope, Sherman Heights and Southeastern San Diego and returning to Downtown via Golden Hill and Sherman Heights. Our sites share information on history as early as the late 1800's and move forward to present time. Visit the online tour site to learn more:

Biking as a Solution to Climate Crisis - Webinar

Biking as a Solution to Climate Crisis - Webinar

BikeSD, Climate Action Campaign, and Sierra Club San Diego will be discussing how we can expand the use of cycling to help fight Climate Crisis.  Let's Induce Cycling in our community.   We will talk about successes and strategies others have had in adopting cycling as a form of transportation, the climate impacts we can avoid when we switch from cars to bikes, and how cycling can provide equity and better quality of life.  Please join us, and let's Induce Cycling in our community.

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San Diego Mayoral Candidate Forums 2020

Bicycle Advocates Mayoral Forums 9/21 & 9/22

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, San Diego Mountain Biking Association and Bike San Diego are co-hosting online forums with the two candidates running for San Diego Mayor. We'll be focusing on bicycle advocacy, cyclist rights and active transportation.

Monday, September 21st at 5:00 p.m.

The first forum with candidate Barbara Bry will be on
To register, visit:

Tuesday, September 22nd at 5:00 p.m.

Join us for a discussion with mayoral candidate Todd Gloria.

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