We Bike SD

All kinds of people bike in San Diego. Meet some of them here.

Every Thursday we’ll be posting photos of people around San Diego and why they bike here.  If you’d like to add your photo and opinion please send an email with your photo and responses to the 4 questions to john.patrick.anderson@gmail.com.

Enjoy these photos of your fellow San Diegans and have a great weekend ahead!


dj and linda - 10-11-14

DJ and Linda bike SD. We bike SD.

Name: DJ and Linda

Home: Kensington

Why do you bike? Exercise, fun, air, people

What do you do? Musician and graphic artist (retired), ER transcriber (retired)




eleanor and soraya - 10-16-2014

Eleanor and Soraya bike SD. We bike SD.

Name: Eleanor and Soraya

Home: South Park and North Park

Why do you bike? We like riding because its fun!

What do you do? Students







jane and rich - 10-11-14


Jane and Rich bike SD. We bike SD.

Name: Jane and Rich

Home: Tierrasanta

Why do you bike? Fun, total enjoyment

What do you do? Autism and neuroscience researcher, professional pilot




joe and ben - 10-10-14

Joe and Ben bike SD. We bike SD.

Names: Joe and Ben

Home: North Park






kathy -10-10-14

Kathy bikes SD. We bike SD.

Name: Kathy

Home: Golden Hill

Why do you bike? Fun, exercise, reduce carbon footprint, and save money

What do you do? Environmental Engineer




Chris - 10-15

Chris bikes SD. We bike SD.

Name: Chris

Home: South Park

Why do you bike? I love the freedom, particularly where I live on the Mesa. I can get just about wherever I need to go in about the same time it would take to drive, without the hassle, aggravation, or cost.  I use my bike primarily for transportation with the side health benefits.  I love the bike culture that is developing here in SD along with the camaraderie with other riders. I love being able to experience the city in a way that reminds me I’m part of the scene, not simply a spectator watching it through a screen. 

What do you do? Attorney


This content originally appeared on John Anderson’s personal website.