A note of appreciation for Councilmember Todd Gloria

One of the city’s most popular thoroughfares is 30th Street. A few days ago I noticed that the street was getting torn up in preparation for resurfacing.

30th Street all torn up and completely rideable only on knobbies

As one of the main thoroughfares for bicyclists connecting North Park to South Park, I was curious whether any bicycle facilities would be installed as part of the resurfacing project.

This morning, District Three Councilman Todd Gloria announced that his office was instrumental in getting the City to commit to installing sharrows as part of the resurfacing project which will be completed within the month.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/ToddGloria/status/175267406845976577″]

Vote for Todd Gloria. Photo by Anthony at Velo Cult Bike Shop

This being election year, I have to write a short note of appreciation for the tremendous amount of work that Councilman Gloria and his dedicated staff has done for the bicycling community. His work has not been appreciated enough and the work he has done has benefited not only District Three residents, but everyone who chooses to visit or pass through the District.

Gloria was instrumental in setting up a meeting between the San Diego Police Department and myself along with others in the bicycling community which led to the SDPD training all their patrol officers on the laws affecting cyclists. Councilmember Gloria was also receptive to actually riding with the city’s cyclists which allowed him a first hand look at how our terrible infrastructure makes for unpleasant riding conditions and he has been very vocal in calling for our road infrastructure to be repaired.

I can confidently state that no other individual at the City Council has been this responsive, this engaging nor this proactive. Todd Gloria is currently running unopposed. He is only just getting started and it would be wonderful to have him serve for another term. So I hope all of you who live in District Three will consider voting for Todd Gloria on election day. I hope that Gloria serves as a role model to all his peers at City Council because next time around I’d like to have a difficult time picking favorite City Councilmembers. I would vote for Todd, but thanks to the redistricting process I am now part of District Nine where I can only hope that my new Councilmember is as effective as Councilmember Gloria has been.