San Diego: The World’s Best Bike Friendly City. What does that look like to you?

This year, San Diego was not even listed in Bicycling Magazine’s list of top 50 bike friendly cities.

UTRECHT :: bike parking
Bike Parking in Utrecht. What if this was in San Diego? Flickr/crystiancruz

However, I believe that San Diego has the ability to become the world’s best bike friendly city. However in order to be the best it is going to take a lot of hard work to get there.

Bike to Work Day  -  Bike Cop
What if half the SDPD patrolled our streets on bikes? Imagine the cost savings. Flickr/moylek
Marianne Vos wins vor Kirsten Wild and Emma_Johansson
What if the world’s top athletes came to San Diego to train? Flickr/anmarton

When San Diego becomes the world’s best bike friendly city, what will that look like? How will it feel to live in such a city? We are conducting a survey to collect your thoughts, your ideas and your suggestions on what that world looks like.

there are bike boulevards all over copenhagen!
Imagine a San Diego with protected and well designed bikeways so people of all abilities can travel safely. Flickr/bmevans
Sailors Continue to Aid with Recovery Efforts [Image 1 of 14]
What if our armed forces used the bicycle in some of their work and for their fitness training? Flickr/dvids

The world’s best bike friendly city won’t be just nice for everyone on a bicycle, but it will make for a quieter, less polluted, less congested, and healthier city. And obviously a more fun city. Because riding a bicycle is really fun.

East Van Bike Polo
Bike parks, games and more – in a bike friendly city. Flickr/noahadams

Although our primary focus here at is on transportation, all other forms of riding do enhance our quality of life. We have some outstanding mountain biking trails in the region. Cyclocross is quickly becoming an enormously popular activity in Southern California despite our general lack of rain. We have some truly outstanding athletes who regularly train on our roads and use our varied topography to their advantage. We have a growing number of residents who ride out of principle, financial reasons or the sheer joy of getting around on their own power.

Diversity in bike events
Imagine a San Diego where bicycling is not the domain of a select few. Flickr/bike

So please fill out this survey and unleash your honest thoughts and ideas. Let your mind go wild with possibilities of what you wish San Diego could be. Imagine a world where drivers do respect you and your right of way – what would you want next? Imagine a world where you weren’t derided or mocked for riding – what would inspire you then? How would San Diego look? Would we become a major tourist destination? Detail your ideas.

Kids Ready for Kids on Bikes Fun Ride
What if the next generation fell in love with biking and wanted to hold on to that love for the rest of their lives. How can we make that love last? Flickr/ultrarob

We’ve had over 130 responses so far and we want to hear from more of you. Dream big and then jot those ideas down.